The following are articles written by me that have appeared in publications such as The NationWaging NonviolenceCity Limits, and In These Times.

Notes: News-O-Matic stories available upon request. Article link will be available once I am notified from the company. Firedoglake links refer to a site titled “Shadowproof.” This is a new outlet that kept all Firedoglake articles.

General News

A Rally for Colin Kaepernick—and Free Speech (The Nation) [Co-written with Dave Zirin]

Who Did Andrew Cuomo Leave Out of His ‘Tuition-Free’ Plan? Undocumented Students. (The Nation)

CUNY student leads stand against travel ban (Clarion)

Why Doesn’t The United Nations Pay Its Interns? (The Nation)

Building Student Power Through Participatory Budgeting (The Nation)

How Communities Use Participatory Budgeting to Shape City Budgets (Waging Nonviolence)

Plan to Rezone Flushing West Flies Under the Radar (City Limits)

CUNY Workers Overwhelmingly Approve New Contract With 94% Voting Yes (In These Times)

CUNY Responds to BDS Activism on Campuses With Move To Control Free Expression (Shadowproof)

CUNY financially tied to private prison industry (The Knight News)

Latin America

Anti-fracking movement emerges to halt Argentina’s natural gas boom (Waging Nonviolence)

Pragmatic Socialism in Uruguay (CounterPunch)

Dig Deeper: Cuba (News-O-Matic)

Big Deals in South America (News-O-Matic)

Energy & Climate Change

Senate Report Calls for President Obama to Lift Crude Oil Export Ban (Firedoglake

Lifeline for Pipelines (The Nation)

Slick Oil (The Nation)

U.S. Oil Sails the Seas Again! (News-O-Matic)

Great Salt Lake Shrinking (News-O-Matic)

Bolivia’s Lake Dries Up (News-O-Matic)

Environmental Activism

As We Approach the Peoples Climate March, Here Are Six Ways to Fight to Save the Planet (The Nation)

Activists Describe Efforts to Stop Atlantic Sunrise Gas Pipeline in Pennsylvania (Shadowproof)


Seven Questions for Jaime Longoria (The Nation Institute)

Participatory Budgeting in Action: An Interview With Filmmaker Ines Sommer

Interview: Author Arun Kundnani on How Media Promote Radicalization Myths & Fuels Islamophobia (Firedoglake)

Interview: Author Arun Kundnani on Islamophobia & the Myth of the Liberal Anti-Racist (Firedoglake)

Interview: Author Arun Kundnani On Understanding Terrorism, the Surveillance State & How to Discuss Reform (Firedoglake) 

Fact Checked Articles

Why We Need a Whistle-Blower in US Customs and Border Protection (The Nation)

Back at the Carrier Plant, Workers Are Still Fighting on Their Own (The Nation)

Marx’s Revenge (The Nation)

Gun Sales Are Plummeting and Trump Wants to Help (The Nation)

The Sealed Train (The Nation)